1. This permit is not transferable.

2. The trout fishing season will run from 1st April to 30th September.  The grayling season will run from 1st December to 31 January. No Sunday fishing.

3. The Association encourages catch and release and the use of barbless hooks. 

4. Only 2 brown trout between 10 to 12 inches may be killed per day.  All brown trout under 10 inches and over 12 inches must be returned. All grayling to be released.

5. No bait fishing on River Tweed.

6. No minnow fishing, spinning, ground baiting, float fishing, fixed spool or multiplier reels.  No double hooks or treble hooks.  No tippet over 5lb breaking strain.

7. No fishing between midnight and 4am.

8. All gates opened must be closed and damage to fences and other property must be avoided.  Game or livestock must not be disturbed.  No fires, no dogs, no litter. No driving on private land.  At all times give way to salmon anglers.

9. Inspection by authorised persons of this permit, or fish and tackle in his possession must be allowed at all times.  Any person refusing to do so may be turned off the river and the permit forfeited.

10. River Tweed Water Bailiffs may seize the permit of any holder suspected of breaching any of the provisions contained in The Scotland Act 1998(River Tweed) Order 2006 or the Rivers Tweed & Eye Protection Order 1980, or any rule or regulation listed within this permit. Any permit holder convicted of an offence under the above acts shall cease to be a member and their permit forfeited. 

11. Any permit holder suspected of catching or trying to catch Salmon or Seatrout deliberately shall forfeit his/her permit.

12. No wading among salmon redds. “Shuffling” is strictly prohibited.

13. The association reserves the right to refuse membership to any person.  Should a permit be forfeited, the association will consider at committee the action to be taken with regard to ongoing membership.

Fishing limits

(marked by notice boards)


RIver Tweed – South Bank

Open from Ashiestiel March with Elibank to a point about 200 metres above Lowood House with the exception of the following stretches which are strictly reserved to the riparian owners: 

  • Ashiestiel Boat Pool
  • From the notice board opposite Bogle House Lodge to Yair Bridge
  • From the Old Tweed Road Bridge down to and including the Meetings Pool
  • The Garden Back Pool
  • The stretch immediately in front of Abbotsford House

River Tweed – North Bank

Open from Caddonfoot to a point 50 metres downstream of Ellwynfoot with the exception of the following stretches:

  • From Bogle House Lodge to the rock pool below Yair Bridge
  • The Garden Back Pool

River Ettrick – North Bank

That portion of the river from its confluence with the river Tweed to the first burn below Lindean Bridge.  

River Ettrick – South Bank

From the same burn downstream to the next burn entering on the south side.

Gala Water

Open from just above Whitelee to the River Tweed excluding Torwoodlee Golf Course. 


During the specified winter grayling season, only water upstream of Old Tweed Road Bridge may be fished, in accordance with private stretches set out above.  No grayling fishing downstream of Old Tweed Road Bridge. Fishing available on the Ettrick as set out above.

Any person wishing to undertake commercial activity on water leased by the association, must contact the appropriate riparian owner to obtain written permission for all parties, including clients, prior to commencing that activity.

We are indebted to the following estates who grant us permission to fish on Tweed: Ashiestiel, Yair, Fairnilee, Sunderland Hall, Faldonside, Abbotsford and Lowood. Also Meigle Farm, Rink Farm and Laggan Properties (Boleside), Upper Faldonside, Gala Water and Torwoodlee Estate.

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